Saturday, August 30, 2014

The 100 year old cottage.

One of my favourite formal qualities of photography is composition and this photography is an example of this. So what's in the picture? An Indian jute rug with messy tassels, velvety boab nuts in the fire place ( My 14 month old had fun playing with them today). I really like the concrete pad framed by timber and an old piece of Edwardian furniture is on the left. Basically this photo captures my aesthetic love: timber, woven material, painted,  dark/ light, ethnic & worn.
What's this? A little wooden tool caddy filled with a few favourite things. A leather bound book, drift wood, rose quartz and a whale tooth that was given to me as a child. 

Mmm so the leather boots I bought no longer fit, I think my feet have grown since having a child. The mantle is the new home for my boots.

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