Sunday, April 10, 2016

Photography Vietnam

In no particular creative order here is a bunch of photos I took on our recent trip to Vietnam. My main focus in photography is composition, colour, texture and quirk.
This was my third visit to Vietnam, what an amazing country.

Copyright 2016 Hometown & Abroad

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Photography , Hoi An, Vietnam

Finding peace and beauty in Hoi An.
Photography Hometown & Abroad 2016

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rose Harvest inspiration

Eggs, nests and birds...

A few snaps of the Rose Harvest retail space. I'm always intrigued by the merchandising skills of other retailers. The tiles and crosses by Jai Vasicek are
on my wish list.

My shopping basket @ Rose Harvest, Mildura.

The moment I stepped into this store I was amazed. A collection of trinkets, furniture and antiques adorn the entire interior of this large building in Mildura, Victoria. I was attracted to anything rusty and coppery and collected a bunch of Christmas decorations and a white twig Christmas tree to take home. 

A snap shot of my shopping basket and all the lovely trinkets I bought from Rose Harvest, Mildura, Victoria, Australia.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Inside my 100 year old cottage

I have a connection with wings. Perhaps it gives a sense that someone is watching over us.
The metal hanging metal wings are from our shop Serenity Nursery.

These wings were a gift from my late Nan. I treasure them and they hang nicely on the old entrance door in my hallway.

My Aesthetic

My collective art wall covered with my two and three dimensional  treasures. The colours, shapes and textures are true to my aesthetic.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The 100 year old cottage.

One of my favourite formal qualities of photography is composition and this photography is an example of this. So what's in the picture? An Indian jute rug with messy tassels, velvety boab nuts in the fire place ( My 14 month old had fun playing with them today). I really like the concrete pad framed by timber and an old piece of Edwardian furniture is on the left. Basically this photo captures my aesthetic love: timber, woven material, painted,  dark/ light, ethnic & worn.
What's this? A little wooden tool caddy filled with a few favourite things. A leather bound book, drift wood, rose quartz and a whale tooth that was given to me as a child. 

Mmm so the leather boots I bought no longer fit, I think my feet have grown since having a child. The mantle is the new home for my boots.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Garden stylist

Here is a sneak peak of our product shot for the Spring edition of SAGardens Magazine.  I've stacked our products ( Available here) ready to be photographed.

Products: Serenity Nursery
Photography& Styling: Hometown & Abroad

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Courtyard

My favourite vintage cushion makes its way from indoors to out. The Indian bells are from our shop ( Serenity Nursery). The white painted timber and metal chair and coffee table have rusted beautifully under my veranda.
Potted bulbs are a great green life addition.

Old sieves and an old metal watering can. A wooden box holds some potted bulbs.

I definitely am attracted to rustic Italian style decor for my garden.

I found this woven bag at a garage sale for a few cents.

Salty terracotta pots...Love em'.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Room by Room: The kitchen/living

A few of my favourite things: My over-sized grey clock, scatter cushions
 and throw from Serenity Nursery.

My pendant light that everyone comments on. Woven chairs available from our
 shop Serenity Nursery.

The little Scandi chair in gold velvet is from High Street Antiques, Stath SA.
We painted the back wall in Dulux Elusive Gold.

The over-sized mirror is the focal point in the room.

My favourite things on the side board.

The view to the garden from the living/ kitchen.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Room by Room: The Bedroom

I found the Queen Anne bedside tables at the corner store in Strath, what a bargain for $120 the pair. The bedsides were brown so I gave them a good couple of coats of black paint.  Two of my paintings hang above the bed.

We had built-in cabinets installed either side of the chimney breast for storage. The metal wall art from Serenity Nursery  hangs above the mantle piece.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Room by Room: The lounge room.

I've been painting again. This time the gold mirror is transformed with black acrylic paint, I go through many a tube of black paint. Three of my rust canvas painting hang beside the mirror.

A display of favourite things on the antique side board.
A hand made wooden box, that I painted white and inserted a photograph on the top.
A sperm whale tooth that was given to me as a child while holidaying near Broome. A leather journal and one of my nest paintings.

If every you find a timber caddy like this grab it they are so handy. I use this one to keep a few holiday treasures safe.

My Indian rug in black sets the scene for my black, white and timber themed room.

I found the black wrought iron magazine rack at an antique shop in Strathalbyn.

This image show the picture rail I had installed and the curtains I had made by the very talented Elisabeth Wood who also made my  silk wedding dress.

The fireplace is filled with boab nuts found on a childhood holiday.

I love the Chinese timber cupboard and the two white metal vessels that are a retro find from a flea market and they are made in Melbourne, which I think s pretty cool.

I found these old glass poison bottles at a garage sale and looove them.